logotipo Granetos - Mármores e Granitos, S.A. Granetos - Mármores e Granitos, S.A.

Mainly oriented towards exportation, that consumes more that 75% of our production, Granetos is a globalized company that distributes their products all over the world. We have as main markets: Far East, Middle East, Europe, America and Africa. Although working all types of stones we are experts in Portuguese marble and limestone and we are prepared to execute every project in specific, standard sizes, slabs and block.

Name: Granetos - Mármores e Granitos, S.A.
Address: Apartado 98 Covão Do Coelho, 2395-909, Minde , Alcanena
VAT Number: 501150617
Manager: Madalena Neto Cerejeira
Fax: 249840789
Email: granetos@granetos.pt
Website: www.granetos.pt
Phone: 249840617
Foundation: 1981

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ISIC: 2370

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