logotipo Marcelo & Nogueira, Lda. Marcelo & Nogueira, Lda.

Marcelo Nogueira is a Portuguese company, who found in the stone, through its transformation is activity. At the beginning of activity in 1995, we only produced fireplaces, but as the market has changed, also we grew up and expanded our production area, for other services such as staircases, columns, kitchen countertops, floor ... Our motto is: "Bring the idea ... we have the solution!" Currently we transform national and international stone and our work is mostly for export. To the customers who visit us, we try to advice them to have good results and make them happy with the final work.

Name: Marcelo & Nogueira, Lda.
Address: Rua Dos Nogueiras, Nº 10 Casais De Santa Teresa, 2460-715, Aljubarrota , Alcobaça
VAT Number: 504234056
Manager: Marcelo Nogueira
Fax: 262508666
Email: info@marceloenogueira.com
Website: www.marceloenogueira.com
Phone: 262508531
Foundation: 1995

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ISIC: 2370

Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone