logotipo Marmocaima - Mármores e Granitos, Lda. Marmocaima - Mármores e Granitos, Lda.

The MARMOCAIMA is a company located in northern Portugal based in Vale de Cambra, which has its manufacturing unit with specialized equipment and professionals for the stone processing. CNC has to work at the highest level of quality. Founded in 1996 but laboring since 1989 under the name SOLMARMORES then a subsidiary of another company. Aiming to quality and innovation, has a young and dynamic team that continuously works toward perfection and innovation.

Name: Marmocaima - Mármores e Granitos, Lda.
Address: Rua Nova Nº 21 - Dois, 3730-053, São Pedro De Castelões , Vale De Cambra
VAT Number: 503718980
Manager: Jorge Oliveira
Fax: 256422894
Email: geral@marmocaima.pt
Website: www.marmocaima.pt
Phone: 256465871
Foundation: 1996

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Specialized stoneworks
Flooring and Covering

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ISIC: 2370

Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone