logotipo Mármores do Poço Bravo, Lda. Mármores do Poço Bravo, Lda.

The Poço Bravo Marbles is a small company with two main activities, but with a great experience working with portuguese stone and treats each project as such an individual one. Client focus, the best proved materials and a tight quality control, makes Poço Bravo Marbles one of a kind The company activities are quarrying and trading. Exporting for all over the world, we seek for our client’s demands either with our own material or with materials from other companies or countries. The quality control we provide assures that our clients will get what they’ve asked.

Name: Mármores do Poço Bravo, Lda.
Address: Av. 25 De Abril, Nº 18 A, 7150-109, Borba (MATRIZ) , Borba
VAT Number: 504594028
Manager: J. C. Bismarck
Fax: 268083334
Email: pocobravo@gmail.com
Website: www.pocobravo.pt
Phone: 268083334
Foundation: 1999

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ISIC: 0811

Quarrying of stone, sand and clay