Communicating in a competent and attractive manner is essential for any business as such communication galvanizes and strengthens relationships with both domestic and foreign markets.

Companies are unique. Although sectors of activity differentiate their production, each sector has its own culture and dynamics and responds to market demands with different productive capacities that develop and define its identity.

A company’s image consists of its behaviour, culture and corporate personality. This image needs to be competitive to generate business, attract customers, retain and motivate the best professionals, gain credibility and, most of all, provide financial return.

BI da EMPRESA is a digital directory, an instrument for business associations and their members to publicise their corporate identities and draw attention to their image.

It is here that users can find the digital identity card of each company, containing all the necessary data for establishing business contacts. As we favour predominantly visual information that is both concise and easy to understand, the identity of each company is immediately visible through photos, video and useful descriptive information.

We also provide a contact form that activates an automatic message to the person in charge to expedite communication between the user and the company.

Our aim is to improve the digital presence of a brand or company, as well as associations on the Internet, through a uniform image and corporate content that increase and promote new opportunities for doing business.

We want to promote interactivity between companies by strengthening synergies. This is why BI da EMPRESA offers tailored corporate information, directories of all of the associations, and news and reports on the key developments involving its associates.

SLIDESHOW | Showreel 2019

SLIDESHOW | Showreel 2019